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Miracle Cleansing Herbs Consultation
What to Expect


Working with a herbal consultation is a way to empower your natural healing journey and receive the spiritual guidance and support you need. The first session will be about 45-60 minutes initially we recommended for all our new clients to look into their health history and what health goals they will be working on. A complete review of all of your symptoms, patterns, lifestyle changes, overall nutrition, and your emotional/spiritual health. We recommend a follow-up consultation in two to three weeks after you begin taking your herbal formula.
The reason for the follow up is for your consultant to allow you to check-in regarding the progress you are making. At that point, we will give you an opportunity to reflect on your healing journey.

There is no set number of follow up visits. Each will depend on your overall health goals. Such as general wellness, two to three follow up visits are recommended. For more chronic or more complicated health concerns, more visits may be necessary.

Herbal Consultation Donation:
Initial online Herbal Consultation visit (60 Minutes) : ($95-$145 (donation scale) includes a FREE 4oz herbal formula + U.S. shipping. W(e also have International shipping that is available but will be calculated separately)

Teas/Powders: Amount based on individual
Herbal Refills: $12/oz

At the end of your session, Safronnie will offer her insights into your overall energetic and physiological patterns while offering a recommendation of Miracle Cleansing herbal remedies, nutrition foods to eat, and supplements that will help the body to bounce back spiritually to a state of harmony.
If you request Safronnie’s services, she will custom your own formula of Miracle Cleansing herbs and blend all the ingredients to the address you specify.

Herb cost is not included in all session prices. The herbs generally range from $12 per oz and $35 - $45 per one mixture. Herbal blends that you need monthly, Safronnie will be happy to work with you on a monthly budget.

Your consultations can be done in person at Miracle Cleansing Herbalisic Center, or at a distance via What’s App/ phone. We can ship your herbal blend to the address of your choice.


Follow Up Consultation Visits (60 Minutes):
$75-$125 (donation scale)

Every follow up consultation you will meet with Safronnie to discuss all the experiences you are having with the herbal formulas and all our recommendations. At any time during your follow up we may decide to modify your herbal formula or herbal dosage and will coach you through the next phase of the herbal journey.

We recommended that clients follow up at least once within a month of their first appointment. Most clients will need to stay on an herbal formula for three to six months depending on their natural imbalance and also how chronic their patterns are. We can help them reach their goal but they have to follow all the instructions that will help their body heal with ease. While taking the herbal formulas we should let the natural healing power of nature take control!


30 Minute Check-In:
$45-$65 (donation scale)

A quick 30-minute check is good for acute conditions, colds, or for quick check-ins. Normally these appointments are also available for those wanting a specific herbs or herbal formulas. 30-minute check-ins can be done in person or via WhatsApp/Phone

**Anthia is a certified herbalist and can practice as a healing arts practitioner.



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