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The wine stopper has a pump that sucks the air from the bottle with a...

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The wine stopper has a pump that sucks the air from the bottle with a few pushes, so the wine is preserved longer. This feature also ensures that the seal is tight and provides no room for leaks. The number markings at the top let you keep track of the days that the stopper is on, and you can simply turn the dial to point to a specific mark or date.

It is made from FDA-grade materials and is very durable. You can use this stopper with any standard bottle of wine. On top of that, it comes in a cute gift box, making it a great gift to a wine enthusiast

If you are the type of person who always forgets when you put your unfinished bottle of wine in the fridge, you won’t have to worry about that anymore with this wine stopper. The counting system lets you know the last time you open the wine. This way, you are reminded of when you should consume the liquor while it is still fresh.

Preserves wine up to 10 days

Suitable for any type of red and white wines



  1. Color: sliver
  2. Material: Food Grade ABS
  3. Net Weight: 0.15lb
  4. Size: 1.8 *1.8 *2.9inch


  1. Help preserve the wine's flavor and keep the wine tasting fresh up to 10 days;
  2. The date markers design can record the time you last opened the bottle;
  3. Suit for most red and white wine bottles(Not for champagne and sparkling wine)



How to Use:

Step 1: Insert the stopper vertically into the wine bottle(this sealer fits for most red and white wine bottles: 15 ~ 20mm diameter bottles)

Step 2: Pump the stopper several times to pump out the air in the bottle until seal the bottle airtight.

Step 3: Turn the dial to record the time you last opened the bottle; Store the bottle in a wine cabinet or refrigerator for better preserving effects.

Step 4: When re-opening the bottle, remove the stopper by gently moving left and right and open up after an airflow sound.

Package: 2 x wine bottle stoppers



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