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Product benefits and properties           It can remove entire bad something on pet dogs or cats,...



Product benefits and properties          

It can remove entire bad something on pet dogs or cats, no direct contact with pet skin, you do not need to worry about getting dirty after cleaning, works on most sizes of pets, suitable for various pet supplies

They are serviceable, not easy to break, you can use it for long term

It is very convenient to use on dogs, cats, horses, and people, works well to remove bad something from humans, dogs, cats or other pets,

You just need to bring a small box to bring all these tools, help your pets clean up anytime and anywhere

With this pet removal tool kit in different function, you can make your pet keep clean easily, a practical gift to those pet owners who will be happy

Product benefits and features

KEEP INFECTION AT BAY: While regular tick removal tools have the tendency to break the tick in half, the Home Sake tick twister tick remover is specially designed to remove the entire tick- head and all. This means reduced risk of spread of infection by not squeezing the abdomen or leaving in the mouthparts and none of the mess.

TICK REMOVAL IN A SNAP: No more taking ages trying to remove ticks with tweezers. Our tick twister tool helps you get your furry buddy tick-free impressively fast. Just latch, twist and pull. It’s that easy. Remove pesky ticks in seconds without leaving any of their parts behind.

COMPLETELY PAIN-FREE: Great for use on even the fussiest of pets, this tick tool remover allows you to eliminate ticks without your four-legged friend even noticing. And it isn’t just a tick removal tool for dogs and cats, you can use it as a tick remover for kids and adults too.

SAFETY FIRST: Effectively remove ticks without putting the health of your cherished pet or family at risk. No more dealing with chemical-filled shampoos, creams, pet spray, or tick collars for dogs and cats that can cause allergic reactions. Make tick removal a completely safe affair.

GET MORE IN EVERY PACK: Enjoy the best bang for your buck with the Home Sake tick removal tool set. You get 3 tick sticks with every purchase for the price of 2, which include both small and large sizes. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to start removing ticks safer, quicker, and cheaper!

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No

Package Dimensions: 5 x 2.4 x 0.2 inches; 0.81 Ounces


Size:1 Pack


No More Hassle

Eliminating ticks doesn’t have to involve chemical-filled sprays, hard-to-use tweezers, or potentially irritating pet collars. With the Home Sake tick remover tool set, all you have to do is latch, twist, and pull! And we’ve included

3 tick sticks in every pack that includes a large one to easily remove engorged ticks, a smaller one to make quick work of smaller deer ticks, and another large one to conveniently keep as a spare. Whether you’re a pet owner or a fan of the outdoors, this tick remover tool kit is just what you need to deal with ticks in a pinch.


Tick removal done wrong can lead to the spread of infection like Lyme disease, leave the tick's head embedded in the skin, or cause a bloody mess by puncturing the engorged tick. But the simple yet innovative design of the Home

Sake tick twister ensures 100% safe removal every time. Our tick removal tool not only steers away from the abdomen to prevent the spread of disease but also pulls out the entire tick including its head. Don’t risk it with tick removers that get the job done half-done. Deal with the pesky ticks completely with every pull of our tick twister.

Here’s why you’ll love the Home Sake tick remover:

- Effectively removes embedded ticks in seconds.

- Completely pain-free and can be used on fussy pets.

- Comes in varying sizes to handle all kinds of ticks.

- Removes the tick completely-head and all.

- Pack of 3 gives you unmatched value for money.

Effectively get rid of ticks without any of the hassle, any of the pain, or any of the mess. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!



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