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Product Details 100% Food Grade Soft Silicone: Our silicone lids are made of Food Grade,...

Product Details

100% Food Grade Soft Silicone: Our silicone lids are made of Food Grade, no odor, BPA Free high quality platinum silicone material, not cheap rubber or TPR material. They are heat & frost resistant from 464°F/240°C to -104°F/-40°C.

Multipurpose Versatility: A total of 5 sizes are 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and extra large 12 inch. The sizes in between vary and they will fit almost anything!!! Such as Pot, Pan, Dish, Plate, Bowls, Container, Coffee Cup Jar, Can and more. Great for Cooking and Baking. Also Perfectly and Safely use for Microwave, Stove Top, Oven, Fridge and Freezer Safe.

Keep Your Foods Fresh: Our silicone bowl lids covers instantly create an airtight suction that keeps food fresh, have strong airtight and watertight seal ability. It can prevents spills in the refrigerator and also keep your fridge without any bad smell that comes from the food.

How It Works: The way vacuum lids work is you gently press in the middle and the lid creates airtight, watertight and spill-proof seal. You can then use them to store leftovers, foods, salads, vegetables, pasta, soups, ingredients etc. They are also great for cooking, steaming, simmering, re-heating, keeping meals warm for longer, preserving foods in the fridge or freezer etc. To remove the lid: just peel it off using the little flap on the edge or lift it up from the side.

Easy To Clean: These silicone bowl lids are durable, flexible, nonabsorbent, nonstick, and won't stain or retain odors. It is much easier to clean and silicone bowl covers reusable can be wiped clean easily and dishwasher safe.

Package Dimensions: 11.93 x 11.5 x 1.73 inches

Item Weight: 1.01 pounds

Why you should get Silicone Lids

 Safe for you: Approved Premium Food-Grade Silicone - No Worries about Unsafe Toxicity from Heating Plastic Wrap in the Microwave

 Easy to use: Place it on a container, push down, and you're done.

 Safe for the environment: With our Silicone Lids no longer need to toss out plastic wrap

 Versatile: Easily Transfer Bowls from Fridge to Microwave/Oven

 Handles Extreme temperatures: Our Lids can be used in temperatures from -40 degrees C to 240 degrees C

 Great Value: You get 5 combo color high quality food lid covers

 Reusable Silicone Suction Lids Set. Food Covers - Bowl Covers - Microwave Covers - Skillet or Pan Lids Works As Universal Replacement pot Lids Reusable Food Saver Covers

ECO & Budget Friendly: Great for reducing food waste by preserving leftovers in the refrigerator.Use again & again & quit use of wasteful aluminum & plastic wraps. Save money on aluminum foil and plastic wrap - Use these reusable lids to cover your bowls, pots and pans.


- Please use a detergent before initial use.

- Do not place this Food Cover directly on the open flame, so as not to cause product deformation.

- Do not cut the Silicone Lid cover with a knife or other sharp thing.

5 Color 5 sizes Silicone Food Cover Package:

1 x 4" Yellow Silicone Lids

1 x 6" Orange Silicone Lids

1 x 8" Green Silicone Lids

1 x 10" Red Silicone Lids

1 x 12" Blue Silicone Lids



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