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This product is a very easy-to-use cleaning and massage glove, pets with long hair can...


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This product is a very easy-to-use cleaning and massage glove, pets with long hair can like it. It is made of TPR material with rich functions. It can not only remove floating hair on pets, but also remove furniture such as sofas. The hair attached to it can help pets massage, bathe, and make them healthier.

Product features and benefits

IT CAN HELP PETS CLEAN THEIR HAIR WELL: Pets love our gloves. Using them on fur babies is an effective way to spend quality time with them. At the same time, it can effectively evacuate messy hair and ensure that you will not neglect your own beauty work.

CAN CLEAN PET HAIR STUCK ON SOFA: Loose fur is easy to stick to our specially designed silicone suction head, so you can decorate pet with gloves, or use it to pick up sofa, bed, quilt, blanket, clothes. The top part is very suitable for a full range of products-pet grooming and pet hair removal.

EASY to USE: Just wear it on your hand, you can easily provide a relaxing massage for your pet, while making the grooming process a breeze. Our pet grooming gloves can not only remove dirt and dander, but also improve blood circulation. At the same time, it can stimulate healthy oils and make the pet's fur shiny and smooth.

COMFORTABLE, SAFE AND VERSATILE: Our gloves are made of safe TPR plastic material, which is safe and harmless. You can use grooming gloves to make the shampoo really work while bathing, and then use them again to thoroughly clean your pet to ensure correctness. Wash the fur baby to avoid allergic reactions.

SCOPE of APPLICATION: Very suitable for dogs, cats, horses and other pets with long hair, short hair and curly hair. Grooms hair quickly, gently and effectively. The shed hair sticks to the gloves, it is easy to peel off and throw away the hair

Manufacturer :

Product name: Pet cleaning and massage gloves

color: All color

Material: TPR, electrostatic precipitator

Type: Massage gloves

Function: Massage, dredge the messy hair of long-haired pets



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