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Take Your Grilling To Next Level With Our Grill Basket Set! Barbecue beginner? Seasoned pro?...



Take Your Grilling To Next Level With Our Grill Basket Set!

Barbecue beginner? Seasoned pro? This grill basket is specially designed for barbeque lovers like you! Take your grilling to the next level with our specially designed stainless steel veggie grilling basket set. Free barbeque grill gloves and oil basting brush included in the set makes it a complete set for grilling.

This complete grilling set will not only make your grilling experience easier but also much more successful


Product properties and benefits

Complete BBQ Grilling Set: Our BBQ grill basket comes with kitchen tongs, a pair of heat resistant bbq gloves and an oil brush for basting to make you Grill like a Pro.

Lockable Grate with Foldable Handle: Tired of turning food one by one? With this grill basket, flipping your food has become way easier than it was before. Lockable grill grate-locks foods in place and enables easy flipping. Moreover the Foldable heat resistant handle of our vegetable grill basket not only prevents your hands from heat but also make storage easy

Bonus BBQ Gloves, Oil Brush & Ice tong: Say Goodbye to Burns! Our Grill gloves included with the fish grilling basket not only prevent heat but also make sure you don’t get your hands burnt while grilling. The Basting brush is good enough to apply dips on all types of grill-able foods. We have also included a grill tong to make your grilling experience sensational

GRILL FAVORITE FOODS: This grill basket for vegetables with handle has many uses, such as a corn on the cob grilling basket, veggie grilling basket, kabob grilling baskets, shrimp basket and tons of ways to use our grilling accessories.

PERFECT SIZE FOR COOKING SIMULTANEOUSLY: When you and your friends are starving and can't wait to eat the delicious BBQ you manage to grill, but grilling one piece of fish at a time is not so time-efficient, Our Grill Basket is here to save the day. Having the Perfect Size, the Grilling Basket allows you to cook multiple foods simultaneously and feed you and your hungry friends in a timely fashion.

Perfect For All Grilling Needs:  A bbq grill set enough to fulfill all your grilling needs, Whether its veggies, salmon, bacon, burger, steak or chicken our grill basket has got your back. Buy Our Grill Basket Now to Make Your Grilling Easy And Fearless At Same Time!

SECURELY LOCKS YOUR FOOD IN PLACE : The Safety Buckle can securely lock the fish basket so you don't have to worry about the food falling out, Taking your grilling skill to the next level with this easy flip Grill Grate. The foldable and lockable design of the bbq basket enables you to lock the foods in place and flipping it a breeze.

It's ideal for cooking fish, vegetable or other delicate foods that may be falling apart on the grill when flipping.

Package Dimensions: 13.46 x 12.76 x 1.61 inches

Item Weight: 1.83 pounds


Package Includes:

430 Stainless steel Fish grill basket

Pair of Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Oil Brush for Basting

BBQ Tong



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