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Product Details PROTECTION: This mat will help protect your floor from the damaging effects of...

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Product Details

PROTECTION: This mat will help protect your floor from the damaging effects of the exercise equipment. The weight of the equipment plus your own body weight can sink into your carpet and wood floor ruining the surface. The mat also protects your floors from the dirt and grime from your bike and from the copious amount of sweat flying from your body during your work out. It also protects your bike from damage from vibration and from carpet fibres and dust that kick up into your bike components.

NOISE DAMPENING: Most bike trainers are annoying loud and even quieter ones have some vibration that can be irritating. This mat is made of 1/4” (6mm) PVC closed foam which helps reduce the noise and vibration so hopefully you don’t get in trouble with your family, roommates or neighbors.

COMFORT: The mat will provide you with a more comfortable ride as it will reduce the amount of vibration and provides more stability from rocking motion that affects your balance. It also stabilises your trainer in place from moving during intense workouts. Reduction in these factors ultimately provides a smoother ride. The mat is also soft, thick and large enough to be used before and after workouts for stretching routines or as a standalone exercise mat

SPECIFICATION: At 78” (200cm) long x 36” (90cm) wide x 1/4 “ (6mm) thick the mat is one of the largest and thickest trainer mats around. This accommodates the majority of bike training equipment on the market and provides greater protection area. The mat is made of PVC closed foam which is durable and water resistant which means it resists odours from ongoing use. The stone pattern texture on top of the mat assists moisture capture and stability. The textured bottom provides non slip grip.

ACCESSORIES KIT– The mat comes with a well-made polyester storage/carry bag. The mat can easily be cleaned, rolled up and inserted into the bag. A large 48”(120cm) x 24”(60cm) Microfibre towel can be used during your workout to protect your bike from sweat and to wipe your body. After your workout it can used to clean the mat. A one size fits most spandex headband also helps contain sweat. All components, including the mat, included the MALAMUTE brand to provide an attractive matching kit.

Package Dimensions: 36.5 x 7 x 6.35 inches; 9.25 Pounds

Manufacturer: Malamute Sports

Color: Black white yellow

Brand: Malamute Sports

Material: PVC Closed Foam



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